2014 Holstein Holiday Sale
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Holstein Holiday Sale, December 19th

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The Holstein Holiday Sale will be Presented Live with Real Time Bidding via Cowbuyer!!
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Holstein Holiday Sale, December 19th - Farmshine


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When your life savings are on the line and you only have one chance to do it right, call The Cattle Exchange!

Close to 30 years experience, licensed and bonded in numerous states. Our sales are geared to net return to our clients. No smoke and mirrors. We have no use for home run or Tour De France records made on steroids and not much use for high priced cattle that never get paid for either.

With The Cattle Exchange we guarantee payment and our biggest concern is our clients bottom line! Top prices for the least cost!


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Upcoming Sales/Results

December 19: Holstein Holiday Sale! Lancaster, PA. Click Here to View the Complete Online Catalog!

January 15: The New York ET Convention Sale. Utica, NY. Held in conjuction with the New York All Breeds Convention!

Sale Results

December 12: Holstein Fun in the Sun! Holsteins at Lido Beach. Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota, FL. Sale Average: $19,693 on 44 Lots.

November 21: East Coast Breeders Sale. Lancaster, PA. Co-managed with Stonehurst Farm. Sale Average: $3,355 on 122 Lots.

November 1: The New York Holstein Harvest Sale. Ithaca, NY. Sale Average: $4,070 on 108 Lots.

October 18: OHM Club Sale @ Roedale Farm. Richfield Springs, NY. Sale Average: $2,548 on 88 Lots.

October 10: Furnia Herd Dispersal with select consignments! Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Lancaster, PA. Sale Average: $2,283 on 121 Lots.

September 20: SUNY Morrisville Autumn Review Sale. Morrisville, NY. Sale Average: $3,119 on 86 Lots.

August 7th: Empire Summer Holstein Blast! Waterloo, NY. Sale Average: $12,575 on 53 Lots.

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