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National Holstein Convention Sale
Thursday, June 30th, 2016 * 7:00 PM
Saratoga City Center, Saratoga, NY

The most up to date genomics on Lots 1G - 48G are now online.
Click here for the complete list in Lot # order.

CATALOG IS NOW ONLINE!! Click here to view the online copy

Selling as Lot 1G

Clear-Echo Modesty 3817-ET, Born 3/26/2016
GTPI +2816!!! PTA +1900M +81F +.03% +56P -.01% +9.4PL
2.91SCS +1.5DPR 7SCE 2.2DCE 4.2DSB 6.8SSC +2.63T +2.99UDC +1.56FLC
Sire: Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET
Dam: Clear-Echo Supersire 2830 VG-87 DOM, 2y | 2nd Dam: Cookiecutter Bows Homony-ET EX-92
Next 7 dams EX or VG. Dellia Family!
Consigned by: Clear-Echo Farm LLC, 518/669-4468

Selling as Lot 2G

Aurora Octoberfest 17048-ET, Born 1-14-16
+2790 GTPI, +2097M, +90F +64P, +883NM, +6.2PL, +2.49T, +1.92UDC, +2.66FLC.
+280 pts. over PA on GTPI!
Smashing heifer with unlimited potential & ready to IVF soon!
Sire: Ladys-Manor Octoberfest-ET
Dam: Aurora Mogul 13580-ET VG-85 VG-MS, 2y
2-00 3x 365d 36,710 4.1 1491 3.0 1107
Fresh again and milking 140lbs. (2 weeks fresh)
Next dams GP-82 DOM X EX-91 GMD DOM Shottle X
VG-85 GMD DOM Marshall X VG-86 Winchester
Consigned by: Aurora Ridge Dairy, 315/364-7069

Selling as Lot 3G

Fairmont Delta Rella-ET, Born 4-7-2016
2778 GTPI!! +2548M!! +97F!! +74P!! +957NM
+7.4PL, +1.47T, +1.01FLC, +1.57FLC.
Extreme & Unique! +171CFP!! From a family that has risen to the top of the Breed!
Sire: Mr Mogul Delta 1427-ET
Dam: Fairmont Tuffenuff Ridge-ET, +2610 GTPI
+1808M, +69F, +63P, +826NM, +7.3PL
Pregnant and due in September! Tremendous flush heifer, made over
120 embryos (10 flushes).
She looks great!
2nd Dam: Co-Op Moonboy Rescue-ET VG-85 VG-MS DOM, 2y
8 Sons in A.I. & 5 offspring over 2700. She has a total of 20 offspring over 2600!
Next dams: VG-85 VG-MS GMD DOM, 2y X 6 more VG/EX dams!
* Also selling from Rescue, her dtr by Supershot, b. 11-27-15.
+2647 GTPI, +1664M +74F +59P +817NM +7.2PL
Consigned by: Fairmont Farm, 802-249-3539


- We have buyers for Tie Stall Herds! 

- We are looking for Free Stall herds or herds we can select from! 

- We need Open Heifers from 6 months to breeding age in groups of 25 or more!

Call Dave Rama immediately at 607-435-0792 if you are
prepared to sell!

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June 30, 2016 - National Holstein Convention Sale, Saratoga Springs, NY. Held in conjunction with the 2016 National Holstein Convention
Catalog is now online, click here to visit the online catalog!

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Upcoming Sales/Results

June 30, 2016: The New York National Convention Holstein Sale! New York Charm City to Farm. Saratoga City Center, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Sale Results

May 21: Pedigree Power III Sale. Hosted by Seagull Bay Dairy. American Falls, ID. Sale average: $20,030 on 52 full lots.

May 12: Walhowdon Farm, Inc.Holstein Dispersal. Lebanon, NH. Sale average: $1990 on 190 full lots.

May 7: The Colors of Kulp Dale. Elite offerings from highly regarded maternal lines. Manheim, PA. Sale average: $2460 on 92 Holstein Lots. $1910 on 27 Colored Breed Lots.

April 23: Woodcrest Bridge to Excellence III. The Bridge between Genomics & Type. Ogdensburg, NY.
Sale average: $2,690 on 101 full lots.

April 14: Genasci Dairy Milking Herd Dispersal & Select Heifer Sale. Sale averged: $2,735 on 373 full single lots

April 9: NY Spring Holstein Sale. Held in conjunction with the NY Spring Dairy Carousel. Sale Average: $3,955 on 76 full lots.

April 2: 35th Annual SUNY Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale. Cobleskill, NY. Sale Average: $2,550 on 100 full Holsetin Lots

March 15: STgenetics Production Sale. South Charleston, Ohio. Sale Average: $1,716 on 331 Lots.

Feb 16: More Fun in the Sun Sale! Cancun, Mexico. Sale Average: $22,325 on 40 Lots.

Jan 14: The New York Convention ET Sale! Held in conjunction with the NY All Breeds Convention. Utica, NY. Sale Average: $6,295. on 29 Lots.

Dec 15: Sexing Technologies Production Sale! South Charleston, OH. Co-Managed with Courtney Sales. Sale Average: $2,100. on 371 Lots.

Sexing Technologies Sale Production sale held on Tuesday, December 15th in South Charleston, Ohio saw 390 young, commercial, fresh cows and bred heifers sell for an average price of $2,100.00.  The 28 young sires ready for service averaged right at $1,475.00 and many had GTPI’s over 2450!  The very top fresh cows peaked at $2,650 to $2,700 00 and the high selling young sire sold for $1,750.00.  Cattle sold to 7 different states with Ohio buyers home the largest number of fresh cows.

The sale was co-managed by The Cattle Exchange, Delhi, NY and Courtney Sales Iowa.  Dave Rama handled the gavel while Dan Brandt presented updates.  Ringmen included, Scott Courtney, Don Welk, Ron Roskopf, Bruce Gingrich, Tim Reaun, Brian Garrison and Bob Osborn.  Sale clerks were Merry Rama, Amber Newman and Amy Courtney.  Buyers were presented with a Sexing Technologies packet containing discounts on semen and genetics!  Another sale at the same facility is slated for March 2016 with another 400 fresh cows & another 30 outstanding young sires!  Watch for future ads!

Dec 11: Holstein Holiday Sale! Oxford, PA. Co-Managed with Stonehurst Farm. Sale Average: $2,356. on 114 Full Lots.

The Holstein Holiday Sale held on Friday, December 11th in Oxford, PA was a rousing success with the anchor herd of Lovdal Farms, the Knutsen family from Maryland commanding a large crowd with very active bidding.  Topping the herd sale was lot 18, a VG-86 Aftershock for $3,375.00 selling to Keith Masemore, Barto, PA.  Her dam is EX-91 w/1491F & grdam 3E-95 Ambrosia from the Ashlyn family.  Lot 35, a VG-85 Lexor from the Licorice family  sold for $3,050.00 to Matthew Puskas, Somerset, NJ.  The Knutsen family have been a pleasure to work with for years and a tremendous asset to the dairy industry! 

The higher seller of the day was lot 63 from Umble’s selling for $8,300.00 to Brandt-View Farms.  This Halogen daughter carries a GTPI +2575 +$724NM and was ready to flush from a VG-86 Uno dam from the famous Cora family.  The sale averaged $2,356.00 on 114 full lots with cattle selling to 5 states.  The sale was co-managed by The Cattle Exchange and Stonehurst Farm.  Dave Rama handled the gavel, the legendary Horace Backus presented pedigree updates, Don Welk, Nick Raggi, Dan Brandt, Harold Welk, Ken Umble worked the ring and handled phone bids along with cowbuyer.com.  Bud Debnam was also on the sale staff but never saw much action with his arm in a sling!  Get well BUD!

Nov 20: More Fun in the Sun Sale! Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota, FL. Sale Average: $24,250. on 40 Full Lots.

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